Colorado Day 1

Eid Mubarak to everyone 😊 I have been super busy since yesterday! Eid in USA was yesterday  June 15th. I couldn’t write a post yesterday as right after our lunch we left for the airport for our yearly vacation wohooo!

It was our first day in Colorado today and i can’t say enough good things about this place! We woke up at 7am and after getting ready we went for our breakfast and left right after that!

Travel tip: Get up early and try to get moving as to cover as much as possible and also get lovely views, less crowds and lots of pics!

So we checked that rain was in the forecast a little after 1pm due to which we left early so we could do as much as possible before the rain.

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park today and the views were stunning! We are so glad we headed out early because by the time we were almost done it started raining and wait a minute i thought my little kid will fly away with the wind!!! I am not kidding 😳 It was super windy at the Alpine Peak!

I loved the trees on the way, they kind of look like needles to me, weird but so interesting! We checked out Estes Park for a while, it is a cute little town where you can hangout for a while, beautiful colors.

On the way back we checked out Denver Downtown and I wanted to go see the Santa Fe Art District so we went there and i clicked some pictures of some really cool and cute Street Art! The vibes were so cool, loved the colorful streets 😍 If you know me you will know that i love discovering such streets 💜

Overall it was a beautiful day with stunning views and lovely weather! I can’t wait to see what all we will explore and see in the next few days!

I will try to blog everyday but i am also planning to write a final detailed post once i am back home  since i don’t have a laptop right now and it will also depend on how alive i am at the end of the day to write a post.

Hope you all are having a great day and Eid!

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