Colorado Day 2

Day 2

I was too exhausted last night and dozed off but as promised here i am with my post about day 2 !

So We checked out of our hotel on Day 2 and drove to Colorado Springs! We went to see the Garden Of Gods. If you get a chance to visit while you are in Colorado i recommend you try to go and check out Garden Of Gods. The rock formations are so cool and make such a great poster kind background for your pics!  The entree is free and you can even drive around and stop at certain spots for pictures or park and go take a long walk inside. 

After spending sometime in Garden Of Gods we drove to see the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. We paid $27 per adult for the entry, Kids were $22 i think and under 5 were free if i am not wrong. This ticket included a Gandola ride, play area for kids, bridge walk and a place where they showed a video about the history of the bridge and more. We didn’t go for the video viewing since we had much more to do during the rest of the day. We were told that there is a reptile show which was happening after the video viewing in the afternoon. 

Apart from the basic ticket there was zip lining and adventurous roller coaster kinda thing which looked scary as hell! Those two looked like a thrilling experience but were available at an extra cost. I was so tempted to try the zip lining but at the same time i was scared as hell. I’ll leave the adventure for next time when i am more fun lol 

The Gandola ride was cool and it was exciting as well as scary when we looked down and saw how high we were, we definitely enjoyed it! 

Once we did all things touristy at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park we drove to Salida and checked into a hotel for the night. Our plan was to go check The Sand Dunes National Park later in the evening. 

The drive from Colorado Springs to Salida had breathtaking views. This is the ride you will remember your lifetime! 

Once we were well rested and fresh we headed to The Sand Dunes National Park at around 6pm and were there by 7:30pm! We had enough time to witness before and after sunset view. I am telling you, If you haven’t been here when you visit Colorado you are missing out on something so stunning and unique. You will feel like you are in a totally different world. The Sand Dunes and the gorgeous mountains in the background make for a breathtaking view! 

I highly recommend everyone to check this National Park out! No wonder it is preserved as a National Park ! 

We also encountered some rain and thundering  here and there during the day but that didn’t stop us from exploring this beautiful State! The rain brought rainbows and made everything even more beautiful.

Our Day 2 was amazing and full of fun! No wonder we just dozed off as soon as we were back to the hotel! Checked out this morning and headed to Dillon.

 Also who says you can’t travel with a kid? i think our kid is enjoying the most! 😍 It was Father’ Day yesterday and this picture featured on the post is my husband and daughter clicked by me ❤ at The Sand Dunes National Park.

Thanks  for reading my blog. Please leave your comments or questions if you have any. Happy to help!

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