Colorado Day 3

On Day 3 we checked out of our hotel in Salida and left for Breckenridge. We drove through Boreas Pass to Breckenridge. If you are adventurous and love scenic drives then you should drive through this road. The roads are unpaved roads full of rocks, narrow and bumpy but the end vista from the Boreas Pass Sumit will be worth it! 

After spening sometime there we left for Breckenridge. Breckenridge is a beautiful ski village just a few miles away from Dillon, Colorado. We sat by the Riverwalk and enjoyed the mountain view. Strolled around the beautiful town and had coffee at one of the cutest and most unique Starbucks ever. Have you ever been to a cute yellow Starbucks? I don’t know about you but for me this was the first time i ever saw a cute colorful Starbucks. If you ever go to Breckenridge,Colorado check out this Starbucks! 

We were done by around 3pm so we headed to Lake Dillon. We hired a private boat for 2 hours. The boat ride was $100 for 2 hours and we were explained how to operate the boat. They also gave us a life vest for our toddler. We took the boat and enjoyed the 2 hours to the fullest.

It was an amazing experience to have the boat all by ourselves. I was initially worried but once we drove the boat we got comfortable. It was the first time that i drove a boat and it sure was one of the best and lovely experience!!

We left after the boat ride to go check in at our   rental property, which by the way has the lake Dillon view along with snow capped mountains! We spent rest of the evening relaxing and enjoying our view! 

Can’t believe we are halfway through our vacation! Can time stop?  We are loving and enjoying every moment. 

I hope you are liking my posts and writing down all the places you would like to check when you visit Colorado.

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