Colorado Day 4

I have been busy admiring what is around me that i totally forgot to write a post! Let’s talk about Day 4 😃 On the 4th day we drove to the Colorado National Monument. It is so beautiful. The beautiful canyons and the artistic mountains which look like a painting are totally breathtaking.

We drove around, stopped the car and took pictures or videos. Believe me my phone and camera have tons of pics in them by now lol. I just can’t stop clicking pictures or taking videos. The beauty is just not explainable in words, the pictures tell the story but you have to visit Colorado to witness it live!

We kept day 4 for relaxing since the drive to the Colorado National Monument from Dillon  (where we are staying) was about 3 hrs. We were home by 5pm and relaxed for the rest of the evening. 

Some of my friends who lived in Colorado and are following me on instagram are surprised that they didn’t get a chance to visit few places i mentioned in my blog. Like the Great Sand Dunes National Park was a surprise and a shocking discovery for a few, they totally thought it’s Dubai. I am so glad that now atleast few people can benefit from by blog! 

That’s all for day 4! Sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy the beauty around us. 

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