Colorado Day 6

So when we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park on Day 1 it was raining and very cloudy so we decided to go again. Even my tripod was about to fly due to the wind on the first day! We took a pass for the week, 1 day pass is $25 and the weekly pass is $35. 

We left at 8 am and were all done by 12:30pm so we decided to head to the Strawberry Springs Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs. Yesssss another hot springs. This hot springs is in a remote location and looks amazig with natural beauty all around.

The tickets were $15 an adult and they had a few hot and cold springs. We had so much fun and my daughter who is 21 months old enjoyed the most. The great thing about hot springs are that each of them are different and unique in their own way. 

The best thing about family vacations are that you make so many memories to look back on. We are loving every moment of our trip and our toddler is enjoying the most! Where are you traveling next? 

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