Colorado Day 7

Have you ever been to Mount Evans? Man that drive is scary as hell! specially when you research and read about the road being narrow and scary, you start imagining all the worst possible scenarios! 

We headed to Mount Evans on Day 7. Mount Evans is the highest driveable road in USA, It is at an Evelation of 14,130. The drive is beautiful and scenic but the roads are very narrow and a little scary. Some damaged roads on the way makes your car jump really bad and you will almost shit in your pants if you are someone like me lol. I was a little scared but we went really slow and enjoyed the drive but i guess since we had already driven Independence Pass i didn’t really find the road to Mount Evans so scary. 

When we reached the summit it was so windy that my car door was shutting due to wind when i was trying to open it. It was very very cold and windy. It was really hard to stand or walk due to the winds but it was a great experience. 

After Mount Evans we drove to The Hot Sulphur Springs town and went to our third hot springs at the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa. The private pool rates were $20 per adult under 2 is free. They have around 21 mineral pools and some are only for adults over 12 years old. The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort pools were really nice with low crowds. We enjoyed the pools and most of the time we were there it was just us and no one else in the pool due to 21 pools at the resort. It was like a private pool for us lol 

We had alot of fun! Specially my toddler enjoyed her time the most. She threw a fit when we told her that we had to leave! It was a fun time and we enjoyed exploring the three different and unique kind of hot springs.

The hot springs were a stress buster and relaxing experience. I recommend everyone to atleast check one hot springs when you visit Colorado. 

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  1. I’ve never been to Colorado. I’ve heard of roads like that. I imagine it would be a little scary but seems worth it for the destination.

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