Cookie Painting with my toddler

I see a lot of mom’s doing really cool activities with their toddlers in Ramadan, this kind of motivated me to do something with my toddler this Ramadan – now that she is a little older and understands things well.

I ordered a Mosque cookie set from Asali Desserts and Cafe. The Cookie set came with a brush, cookie with Mosque design on it and an edible color palette.

When my toddler saw the cookie, her first word was “SAND CASTLE” lol. I mean i don’t blame her, but i did explain to her that it is a Mosque, so she named it Mosque Sand Castle later. Anyway, I tried instructing her on how to paint the mosque but she is a 2 year old, i didn’t expect her to follow the instructions completely, but it was a fun activity.

From her face, it looked like she enjoyed painting her cookie, even though she really just destroyed it completely lol

The Cookie
Ayrah excited about her cookie
Ok it is a Mosque Sand Castle
Busy painting
Wow i did a great job!

I had a few laughs here and there, she had fun, good times and great memory Alhamdulilah. It makes me so happy to just let her go with the flow and do what she likes, without destroying everything around her of course!

I made a video and uploaded it on my youtube channel – CLICK HERE if you would like to see her in full artistic mode.

Thinking of activities and what new to do everyday when you are a Stay at home mom is so difficult. Cookie painting was fun, maybe we will try cupcake decorating next time.

What activities do you like doing with your children? If you don’t have any children – tell me about one of your most favorite childhood activity in the comments.

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