Do what you Love!

Life is short, travel, do things you love & enjoy every minute while it lasts!

 Last few weeks have been very busy! Being a stay at home mom and trying to run a small business on the side along with trying to keep social life active isn’t easy! Oh did i mention about cleaning, laundry, cooking and endless number of things to be done when you are at home?

But no matter how busy you are with your daily life. Make time to make memories, do things you love, go out, go to a spa, pamper yourself you deserve every bit of it!

I love it when we go out for mini getaways or vacations, it makes me look forward to our family time. The new places we explore, the pictures we take, food we eat… it’s all about the memories we make. It makes us even more happy that our little toddler is exploring new places with us. Her first time on the ferry or her first time watching animal’s at the zoo. The excitement when she sees fishes, it is all worth it at the end of the day.

Life is good when you are happy! Leave all the stress behind, go out and make new friends.. hangout with old ones! What makes you happy ? I love traveling and photography! I  click so many pictures when we go out on a trip. I may not  be a professional photographer but i like clicking pictures because few years down the line we will look at those same pictures and remember what a fun time it was!

I didn’t know what to write about when i started today but I will be heading to the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina tomorrow for the weekend and i am jumping with joy because if you know me, i LOVE the beach. Well who doesn’t? The weather is getting hot day by day and it is the perfect time for a beach trip!

What makes it even more exciting is that it would be my first long drive since i got my driving license yay! I have decided to blog more and write about all my experiences, share pictures, my journey and life!

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