Is Suicide the answer?

Call me rude or whatever you like but in my opinion people who commit suicide are the most selfish people. How can you just decide one fine day to take away your life? What about your family? What about your friends? I wonder if people who commit suicide ever think about what will happen when they are gone…

Depression is real. Don’t take it lightly! If you are feeling low or depressed seek help. Talk to someone you trust, a friend or hell even a stranger who is ready to listen! Sometimes all you need is a person who will listen to you and make you feel better. Find that person.. If you don’t then make a blog or get a diary and pour it all out..believe me nothing makes you feel better than just writing and throwing all your feelings in it.

Life is not easy, what you may be going through may be a minor situation for someone else. Look at those who are suffering due to war, look at those who have no shelter, those who can’t see or walk. Don’t you think they feel miserable or helpless?

Don’t run away from your life because of problems…face them in the eye. Be brave, be strong but don’t be a quitter!

To All my friends or even those who don’t know me, I am always here, I will always listen. I don’t judge and will be here for you if you need a friend to talk to.

2 thoughts on “Is Suicide the answer?

  1. I agree that it seems selfish but I’m not so sure the person thinking about suicide always thinks about how it will affect their loved ones.

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