KIDBOX is a unique kids clothing box styled according to your preference with the help of a stylist. The Kidbox is for 2T-14 for girls and 2T – 16 for Boys. They also have another box called “BABYBOX” for newborn to 24 months.

So How does it really work?

  1. Take the Kidbox style quiz
  2. Order your box
  3. Try before you buy
  4. Donate and Save

Let me explain the above steps :

Take the Kidbox style quiz – Before you order your box you will be asked a few questions, these questions will be mostly about your child, their gender, age, name, current clothing size (they also offer different top and bottom sizing) . Once you enter the details, you are then asked about styles. Once you select a particular style, it will show you few styled outfits from the chosen style category. You may choose few outfits you like and then go ahead. (The outfits put together on the website are just sample outfits in order to understand your preference).

After choosing the outfits, you get an option about what your child needs more, for example – tshirts, accessories, bottomwear etc. You can either choose or proceed. You will then be asked about where you typically shop from, selected stores will be given as an option for you to choose from. Once you choose the stores, you will be asked about your child – whether they are shy, artistic, chatty, etc. Once you fill out all the details, you are asked to share more about your child – this is basically a note to your stylist. It could be something you or your child prefer or something that you find easy when it comes to clothing.

Order your box :  Once you enter all the details on the quiz. You are asked about your email address, shipping info and payment info.

Try before you buy box :  Kidbox is a try before you buy box. Even though you enter your payment details, you will not be charged until you decide if you want to keep the full box or selected items from the box.

Donate and Save : For every Box you keep, kidbox donates new clothes to a child in need. No subscription required, Kidbox releases 5 seasonal boxes a year!

Beach Ball from KIDBOX
Ayrah wearing KIDBOX outfit from the Summer Box

For $98 you get 6-7 items from some of your favorite brands. Shipping is free and exchange is super easy.

I recently had a chance to try KIDBOX Summer 2019 Box for Ayrah, believe me, KIDBOX did not disappoint. I was so happy with every single item from the box. I am a very choosy person when it comes to what my daughter wears, i was a little skeptical to be honest but when the box arrived, i was amazed at how carefully the stylist had handpicked clothes according to my chosen preferences & styles. Apart from the clothes, we got some accessories, a beach ball and few coloring pages – they sure know how to win a kid’s heart!

All the above outfits are from the Summer
KIDBOX we received. I love that you can get clothes from your favorite brands at a reasonable price right at your doorstep! I can’t wait to try their box next season.

Have you tried KIDBOX? Try your first box for a 15% discount if you use my code WAFA15 – CLICK HERE to order now!

12 thoughts on “KIDBOX

  1. I have seen ads for this before! This would have been great when my kids were small and let me dress them – I was constantly dressing them up! And I love the charity aspect of it – something anybody can get behind 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting idea . Donating is a good thought indeed. Lovely colors of kids clothes.

  3. with all of these mailing box companies out there, I was wondering when kids boxes would become part of the hype. It makes more sense to get this type of thing for kids since they grow so fast and there’s no real need to keep things they grow out of. Nice!
    glad this ‘Kidbox is available!

  4. I like that you are not charged unless you decide to keep it. This kind of thing is fun to receive too.

  5. Looks like it’s such a great box. And i do love the try before you buy element. That would encourage sales for sure and let me know what I am looking for and if it works for us.

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