Life at 30

Woot Woot I’m 30!! I know it is crazy that I am happy i hit 30 but in reality I am freaking out as i grow older each day. The mixed emotions drive me nuts!

Most of my friends know that i don’t really celebrate my birthday …I just like to go out for a decent meal or maybe order in and watch a movie. However this time i decided to go out and enjoy the day doing something fun and cool! We did a weekend getaway to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia. It is a Europen Theme Park with lot of roller coasters and fun rides!

I may have hit 30 but i feel young, I am trying to get healthy and fit slowly. My motto in life is to travel, take care of my family and do all the crazy stuff i wouldn’t have dared to think about doing a few years back!

For example, Skydiving .. I sound crazy right? but I swear i have been thinking about it for a while and i want to do it in the future.  I want to overcome all my fears and make life an adventure. I’ve wasted too many years being scared and doing boring stuff and i would like to change that. Life is short and i’d like to live it to the fullest.  So the next few years i am going to try and do adventurous things.

Apart from all the fun and cool stuff, i really need to focus on the positive things in life and stop caring about what people think about me. I need to start living for myself.  I am done pleasing others. People can judge me all they want. I am old enough to do things my way without giving a damn.

Be happy be kind.. treat others the way you want to be treated. And hey it doesn’t cost anything to be nice does it? 🙂 Thanks for reading

8 thoughts on “Life at 30

  1. Welcome to the 30’s!! Takes some getting used but I prefer it compared to my 20’s. I more mature, I know what is good for me (I hope) and I do what feels right for me and not because it’s what others want me to do. It’s great!

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