Making a Mom Friend is hard!

Making a friend is hard, making a mom friend is even harder!

So you had a baby, now you look for all mommies with same age group kids to hangout with. You want your kids to have friends and a good time but secretly you are wishing for one true friend. Believe me making a mom friend is super hard, harder than dating, no I’m not kidding lol. It’s like you are going on a blind date. You keep thinking if you are looking okay before a play-date, if your kid is on the best behavior, you constantly bite your lip when your kid throws a tantrum while their kid is on the best behavior and wonder what that other mommy must be thinking. You meet up for play dates and then don’t talk for weeks or months and then plan a play-date again! Then there are those moms who keep saying they want to meet up but they never reply or call back. Some have even stood you up and you made you go in that rant mode where you swear you won’t host a play date again. You constantly feel like you are being judged, well you honestly may not but that thought lingers in your head and you keep feeling like you are being judged. You try to strike a conversation but it is formal because you have absolutely no idea what to talk about.

I have taken my daughter on several play-dates with great mommies and kids but each time i go out with someone i keep wondering if they are judging me. After the play date we don’t talk for weeks or months lol yes we all mommies are busy and this just happens. I personally don’t get enough time while juggling with too many things on my hand but I still try to get in touch and host park play-dates or at an indoor mall play area. I miss my mommy friends in Connecticut, I built a strong connection with them, we still talk, we still message each other, I talk to my friend Merri almost every week or at least try to facetime every week, I talk to Lisa on texts and sometimes we get caught up in our busy lives but we still find time for each other. It has been so hard for me to find that similar kind of connection with anyone here in North Carolina. I met many moms but most of them have now gone back to work, while some have been busy and caught up in their life just like me.

I am yet to find that one mommy friend in North Carolina with whom i can just text randomly and set up play-dates, someone whom i don’t have to think twice before texting or calling. I have my group of friends but finding someone whose kid can be your kid’s best friend is really hard. Finding that one mommy friend is an adventure in itself.

Believe me, the struggle is REAL!

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  1. Miss you so much… we were just starting to hang out .,hope to make trip out there in the next few months. Love ❤️ you

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