Pretend Makeup Play Set

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for a while but then LIFE happened.

The flu season has been going on for a while and everyone around here is fighting with cold, fever or headaches (Yes I’m dealing with horrible headaches right now).

Deciding what to do with a toddler becomes difficult especially when everyone around you is sick. So we stay home and do lot of activities like pretend play, watch Disney movies, sing nursery rhymes, tea party and much more.

On our recent trip to India I attended a cousin’s wedding. I wore makeup for all the events. Ayrah saw me getting my makeup done and was quite fascinated. She started pretend playing with my makeup brush. I immediately knew her next toy has to be a makeup play set!

When i got back from India i got this absolutely adorable pretend play makeup set by Pixie Crush. Not only is the play set cute, it looks like real makeup! Their lipsticks look exactly like Mac and a lot of my family and friends who saw the pictures thought i was giving her the real stuff! lol

It is so much fun to see my lil one play with the set. She makes me her model, asks me to close my eyes while she does my makeup! It is super cute i tell you, I love getting my makeup done and she has now become a professional makeup artist 😉

Aah look at the excitement!
Posing for the camera
Let me do some makeup

The play set comes with a pink polka dot bag in which you can store the makeup and carry it around like a handbag. Ayrah carries it around and is ever ready to be your Makeup artist!

Storing her makeup back into the bag

If you are looking for a makeup play set for your little one i would highly recommend the Pixie Crush makeup sets, Check out their website for their sets. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Oh my God, look at that precious face! This looks like such a cute makeup set, and I can definitely confirm that from her happy face! Thanks for sharing and reviewing this, you just gave me an amazing idea for a gift!

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