Self-Love is Important

I was thinking about a lot of things today, one of the thoughts I had was how things change after having a child.  Our main focus and attention in life becomes our child.  Our priorities change, we think about our baby before anything and everything. Yes, that’s #MOMLIFE !

It is crazy how you can love someone so much, someone for whom you are willing to give up everything, someone for whom you are willing to die. That’s true LOVE. Everything else is pure bullshit! A Mother’s love is PURE LOVE.  PERIOD!

As I mentioned before, once you become a Mom, your life changes, your priority changes, life becomes different. All you want to do is be in your pj’s all day, tie a hair bun and get to work. The work which never ends.

But in all this, you forget to take care of yourself. This is every mom’s story. A Mother always takes care of others but herself.  While she makes sure her family is fed, home is clean, laundry and other chores are done, she seldom forgets to do things she loves to do. If you ask her when was the last time she went for a manicure or pedicure or for that matter a facial, I bet she won’t even remember. This isn’t just my experience but what I have observed with most of my mom friends.

Mom life is the best life but at the same time it ain’t easy. Self-care and self-love are important too! You have to take time off for yourself, do things you love, go out with your friends, go watch a movie, read a book or practice your favorite hobby, hell go to a spa and get a massage! Do things you love and things that make you happy.

While this is from a mother’s perspective. IT also holds true for dad’s, they need their time off too! Take turns babysitting or hire a baby sitter, go out together or go out alone but find time to do something for yourself. Feel good, be happy and enjoy splurging on yourself every once in a while.

This little post is a shout out to all those super moms and dad’s out there who forget to take care of themselves while taking care of others. So, take a break and do something for yourself!

When was the last time you did that?

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