The World Of Social Media and Online Marketing

It is amazing how fast paced life has become today, there is something new to look up everyday. A new platform, a new app, a new technology. Staying up to date with the latest trend is tough but we can at least give it a try!

I can’t believe how the Social Media Platforms have changed over the last few years. Facebook for one has had it’s highs and lows. The organic reach has declined over the years and today you can’t really reach out to your audience unless you are pushing your content through paid campaigns or boosting your content. The last time i had a job Facebook hadn’t even launched their Business Manager for tool for Marketers!!

Having a digital presence is very important. If you don’t have a digital presence it is as if you don’t exist. Brands however big or small are utilizing digital platforms to connect with their end consumers to build a healthy relationship, to manage reputation, feedback and brand development.

With this new blog i hope to learn and explore more and share my thoughts and views on the same.

On a personal noteĀ  twitter is still my favorite social media platform.

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