The year 2020

Imagine going through one of the worst year of your life and hoping the next one will be better. HOPE keeps us going, every single time, every time i am feeling low or having a bad day, i say to myself “One day at a time” that’s how we all survive right?

2020 started on a good note until Corona hit us. I can’t begin to explain how my heart hurts with worry, anxiety and the nonsensical thoughts in my brain, knowing I am so far away from my family. Worrying for my loved ones, my family, my parents.

A good friends dad passed away in India few days back, she lives in another country, her mom and brother passed away couple of years back, she was the only living child and family left. I can’t imagine what she must be going through, couldn’t fly back since there are no incoming or outgoing International flights right now in India.

The world is a complete mess at the moment, honestly, we all are. We are all trying to survive this pandemic in whatever way we can. What makes me sad is that, even though people are dying, losing jobs, some of us can’t stop complaining and why are we complaining? Because we are all sitting at home.

Believe me I’ve complained a bit too, but when you sit and reflect it makes you realize how selfish you really are.

There are people who are putting their life in danger so others can live, there are those who are working to make sure you get your daily essentials, Doctors are dying, nurses are dying, grocery workers are dying, why and for whom? for YOU!!!! Yet we are complaining because we can’t do a simple job of sitting at home.

Please remember to be kind, a kind word can change someone’s life, someone could be going through a tough time, battling depression and suicidal thoughts and your one random act of kindness or few kind words could be like a ray of light or hope for them. You could save a life. Kindness is magical – appreciate and be kind to all the essential workers too.

It know it has been a tough time for all of us, I had a rough couple of days, fighting anxiety, holding myself together when I was almost losing my mind. Few days i went through a dark phase, times where i couldn’t breathe, experienced panic attacks, but i fought, i fought hard and I’m here, I’m trying to keep going,i know I’m not the only one. I know there are so many of you out there, struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on…

If the current situation is affecting you right now, know that we’re all in this together. Keep yourself busy, read a book, watch a new show, learn a new skill, cook, bake, write down how you feel (this helps me a lot) – do whatever it takes for you to keep your mind off things. Just know that you are NOT alone!

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