Traveling during Pandemic – Covid 19

I recently traveled to Colorado with my family. The Raleigh Durham airport was fairly decent in terms of crowd. I thought to myself, “Oh well this isn’t bad, we should be fine” but when we started boarding i started panicking.

We traveled via Frontier airlines and while all the social distance practices were in place at the airport and our temperature was checked by the officials before we boarded, once we stepped inside, there was absolutely no social distancing.

The flight was full and everyone were seated pre-pandemic style. I’ve been told by a friend that only Delta Airlines is following social distancing in flight.

You are supposed to wear a mask throughout the flight but you’re also sitting next to strangers without any distance so you could still get the virus right?

What about the people who have other symptoms or are asymptomatic? Fever isn’t the only symptom, so you’re still at risk of contracting the virus from someone on the flight.

We knew the risks while traveling but we were careful and tried to stay safe, we were not sitting next to a stranger so that was a relief and luckily we came back virus free,

Given the fact that the number is going up again and after my recent experience traveling via air, i will only be traveling by road for now and recommend others to avoid traveling via air unless necessary.

It was great to go back to Colorado and relax with beautiful mountain view and experience the beauty of fall in Aspen, Colorado. Throughout the state, social distancing and masks were mandatory and everyone followed the rules.

Ayrah with her mask on during the flight.

The past few months have been stressful for everyone and this was a much needed break but like i said before, no more airlines until things get better and i hope they do soon.

Stay safe y’all.

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